Bath Bomb Creamer by Simply Organico in Breathe Easier, 5.5 oz, Aromatherapy, Cold, Flu, Essential Oil, Menthol, Vapor
Our Breathe Easier Bath Bomb Creamer is composed of a proprietary blend of six essential oils known for aiding with respiratory problems. Some of which are rosemary, eucalyptus and peppermint. Contains menthol (keep away from eyes)  Rosemary essential oil -...
$ 9.00
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Bath Bomb Creamer by Simply Organico in Berry Lemonade, 4.85 oz, Citrus, Fruity, Essential Oil, Aromatherapy
Berry Lemonade Bath Bomb Creamer is one of our most uplifting and refreshing scents.  This scent is sweet and delicious.  Made by pairing lemon essential oil with clean soft florals and sweet berries.  Lemonade anyone? ABOUT OUR BATH CREAMERS: Our bath bomb creamers...
$ 7.50
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Loving Lavender Bath Bomb Creamer Bundle
Loving Lavender Bath Bomb Creamer Set consists of six different lavender aromatherapy bath creamers wrapped and packaged in a box.  Blackberry Lavender - a sweet blend of ripened blackberries, herbs and lavender oil Vanilla Bean Lavender - an all time BEST...
$ 65.00
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