Hello! My name is Grisella and I started making bath and body products sometime in the spring of 2012. I originally began my research into natural bath & body when my son Daniel started having skin problems. Once he was diagnosed with two forms of eczema and psoriasis I knew that I would have to find products that were gentle on his delicate skin.

When I couldn’t find what I was looking for I decided to make them. I started making bath bomb creamers as a way of soothing his skin while giving him something fun to do in the bath. I then moved on to natural soaps and body cream.

Then in the summer of 2013 my husband convinced me to start my own business. My dear hubby then proceeded to build me the most beautiful website. Once I saw the website he’d built me and the effort that went into it I couldn’t say no.

I only use luxury ingredients of the highest quality that benefit your skin the most. They are free from chemicals and purchased from reputable sources.  All of my products are handcrafted.  I make them in small batches to ensure better quality and freshness.

My bath bomb creamers are ultra-rich and skin loving. My artisan soaps which are made using the cold process method in small batches are conditioning and produce a creamy lather with fluffy bubbles. And my body cream is the perfect consistency, not too thick or too thin. I offer vegan and non vegan products and detail the ingredients in the product description.

We try to keep our products as natural as possible and use preservatives only when needed.  In a world full of synthetic and petroleum-based body products, I am here to help you adopt a more natural approach to bath products and skincare.  My products are cruelty free and I do not test on animals.  In fact, Daniel tests all of our product lines himself before they are sold.  Once he gives approval the product is ready for sale. :)

We strive to provide you with great customer service and we welcome your comments and questions or anything else you might want to talk about.  To contact us click here.