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As of now, we can combine orders placed on the same day under the same name and address given that notes are provided at checkout and that the first order hasn't been packed and shipped. Without any notes we can not guarantee that orders will be combined. After shipping is combined, any shipping overages will be refunded within 48 hours of shipment.
Please make sure that your order is complete and correct prior to checkout as we are unable to make any changes or cancellations once it has been placed. However, if you missed an item and wish to add to your order, we will be happy to combine them. Please reference the FAQ above for information on combining orders. There are no exceptions to this and we thank you for your understanding.
We always include product samples when we package orders. Unfortunately we are unable to ship product samples separately due to the volume of requests that we receive.
Simply Organico ships within the continental United States and to Alaska, Hawaii and some US Territories such as Puerto Rico, Guam and US Virgin Islands.
Simply Organico shipping rates are based on weight. Most orders ship USPS Priority Mail except for orders 13 oz and under which ship USPS First Class. Simply Organico reserves the right to modify shipping rates at any time. For more information on shipping please view our shipping policy pageThe following shipping rates reflect the US Postal Service price increase that went into effect on Sunday, January 27, 2019.
Shipping Rates


USPS Priority Padded Envelope, Box inside ( up to 2 lbs) -- $8.15

USPS Priority Cube (2 lbs - 4 lbs) -- $9.65

USPS Regional A (4.1 lbs - 5 lbs) -- $12.60

USPS Med Flat Rate (5.1 lbs - 7 lbs) -- $14.10

USPS Lg Flat Rate (7.1 lbs - 13 lbs) -- $18.90

USPS Priority (13.1 lbs - 15 lbs) Two packages -- $27.05

USPS Priority (15.1 lbs - 17 lbs) Two packages -- $28.55

USPS Priority (17.1 lbs - 20 lbs) Two packages -- $31.50

USPS Priority (20.1 lbs - 26 lbs) Two packages -- $37.80

Not all soap is made the same. In fact, commercial soaps, while great at removing oil and dirt from your skin also dries it out. Glycerin is a natural by-product of soap which is a humectant, drawing moisture from the atmosphere to itself. In the commercial soap industry it is removed from the soap and sold separately for higher profits. Our handmade soap contains glycerin and is free from harsh chemicals and provides your skin with rich moisture and skin loving goodness.
Some ingredients, even natural ones may not be safe during pregnancy. If you are pregnant please consult your physician before using any products.
Yes, we use safe synthetics such as baking soda and fragrance. We also use paraben-free and formaldehyde-free preservatives on some of our products such as lotions, body creams and sugar body polishes because they are either made with some water or will come into contact with it. This will prevent any bacteria or mold growth in your product.
While our products are great to help soothe irritated and dehydrated skin we recommend you consult your doctor if you have any specific needs.